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A.I.A. • Principal Partner

Jerry Locati, known throughout the West for his boundless designs, has more than two decades of experience in high-end residential, commercial, and resort architecture. With the intuitive talents required to run a successful business, Jerry devotes his time to designing his clients ultimate dream homes and buildings.

As a Montana native, Jerry was inspired to combine his architectural perception with the Western culture. Upon completion of his Masters of Architecture from Montana State University, Jerry served his internship while gaining experience and enhancing his professional skills. In 1989, Locati Architects was established and since then has maintained a firm grasp on the high-end residential market while continuing to expand into the commercial and resort areas.

“As a designer, I take the role as an interpreter of our Western culture and incorporate this into all phases of both residential and commercial design projects,” Jerry says. “In essence, the clients are the real designer, and we channel their needs and dreams in a comprehensive manner.”

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